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Smart Parking
Smart Parking Solutions With CSensorNet’S IoT PLATFORM
Smart Parking
  • Capture parking infrastructure real time
  • Spaces occupied by day & time
  • CO2 emissions in the garage
  • Light consumption & garage temperature
  • Motion detection activation
  • Gate up/down percentage
  • Parking paymeter & payment types
Smart Energy/Utility
Smart Energy/Utility Solutions With CSensorNet’S IoT PLATFORM
Smart Energy/Utility
  • Integration to devices to monitor remotely
  • Call to action real time based on live analytics
  • Optimize energy & water usage
  • Improve visibility in the field via video
  • Improve machine efficiency with alerts
  • Preventive maintenance
Smart Weather
Smart Weather Solutions With CSensorNet’S IoT PLATFORM
Smart Weather
  • Track surface level forecast
  • Navigate safely with optimized routes
  • Event planners improved safely
  • Grow crops that flourish
  • Integration to Telematics for fleet optimization

Smart Fleet
Smart Fleet Solutions With CSensorNet’S IoT PLATFORM
Smart Fleet
  • Fleet live and Fleet health.
  • Real time fleet visibility & tracking
  • Vehicle idle time & speeding real time feedback
  • Engine & location data
  • Weather consideration for fleet optimization
Smart Schools/Hospitals
Smart Schools/Hospitals Solutions With CSensorNet’S IoT PLATFORM
Smart Schools/Hospitals
  • Alerts & emergency Services
  • Notification driven by perimeter sensors
  • AI triggering emergency notifications
  • Auto lock safe zone during emergency
  • Alerts based on noise level and frequency
Smart Traffic & Air Quality
Smart Traffic & Air Quality Solutions With CSensorNet’S IoT PLATFORM
Smart Traffic & Air Quality
  • Tracking management of event codes
  • AI based pattern optimization
  • Sensor based timer for pedestrian crossing
  • Queue controlled traffic lights real time
  • Tracking Air quality and real time alerts

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