Clovity's EDGE AGENT provides real time data processing out in the field where sensors are deployed for split second triggers and variable analysis.

A large number of IoT Solutions lose their value if the data is unable to be processed in a timely manner. Often time this is known as “stale data”. If a piece of machinery is badly malfunctioning or a pacemaker is moving off rhythm, knowing too late can mean the difference between life and death. While not all solutions require immediate analysis, it is becoming crucial to provide edge environments with the capability of processing and comparing data at the source.

Introducing the CSensorNet Edge Agent

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Data Filtering or

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MQTT or Websockets

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API Push
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Analytics, Reporting,

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CSensorNet Edge Agent Workflow

Clovity’s proprietary software CSensorNet offers an array of edge capabilities through their Edge Agent. Whether it is data filtering, enrichment, workflow management, edge analysis, bi-directional communication, data storage, encryption, seamless API transmission capabilities, reports, or governance functions, having the capability to perform these functions at the moment of ingestion is crucial to delivering a successful ROI in IoT.

CSN Edge Agent


Edge computing not only enables split second triggers and decision making capabilities, it also decentralizes the data flow and storage. While almost all of the data will still make its way to the cloud, devices with embedded software intelligence provide value beyond the aspect of speed. Drops in connectivity, bandwidth issues, and data packet drops can cause significant data loss, disruption, or inaccuracy.

Have peace of mind as Clovity manages all hardware procurement and delivery for your project. Our vast partners and major players in Hardware/OEM space like Advantech, Rigado, Lenovo, FreeWave, NimbleLink, and Cassia, comes preloaded with CSensorNet Edge Agent into the device ensuring OOB functionality on day one.

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Using CSensorNet is simple and turnkey, however there are times when Clovity may need to step in to help with a particular integration or feature set up. The development experts at Clovity can guide or take over the action to ensure that CSensorNet is fitting our clients needs precisely. Reach out to us for help, we are always ready to assist.

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Nothing is better than seeing a particular technology in action to judge its value. Schedule some time with our CSensorNet experts to show you how our solution can bring your connected device initiatives to life in a matter of days or weeks, not months or years.

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